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Radio Exe: delivering a large and loyal local audience.
If you want to reach 35,000 adults a month across a concentrated area of Exeter, Mid and East Devon - whilst associating your brand with great local content throughout the day, every day - only one radio station can deliver.

Radio Exe is the only commercial radio station in Devon to broadcast live from the county for at least 14 hours every weekday*. Our programmes come from Exeter, not London. So if you want to be associated with a station that’s truly local, Radio Exe delivers.

Truly local 

Listeners connect with Radio Exe because we talk about subjects that are important to them - and we’re fun to have around. 

• They know when they tune to 107.3FM, they’ll hear traffic reports about Exeter, Mid and East Devon – not towns 50 miles away and beyond. 

• They’ll hear news from places that are on their doorstep, not at all points of the compass out of the area. 

• And they’ll be entertained by a mix of music and chat specifically for the people of Exeter, Mid and East Devon. 

• Our listeners are generally within a 18-mile radius of Exeter. So there’s no wastage when you join Radio Exe.
Our listeners
Radio Exe ‘super-serves’ listeners between the ages of 35-54, whilst embracing younger and older people who enjoy the breadth of music we play and the great conversations we start. So some of our listeners are teenagers. Others may have more years behind them than they have ahead – but they intend to enjoy every minute in good company. Company like Radio Exe.
Many of our listeners have young or teenage children. By and large, they’re homeowners and car drivers, they enjoy holidays and taking the family out at weekends. Education is important to them. So is getting the most out of life - at shops, restaurants and entertainment venues across the region.

The numbers
22,000 weekly listeners
35,000 listeners every four weeks
46,000 listeners every quarter

Affluent listeners – within easy reach of your business
56 per cent of Radio Exe’s listeners are in the affluent ABC1 profile. 
44 per cent are C2DE listeners.

(*source: Rajar, Q1 2014, based on independent data collated by Ipsos Mori)
Digital Radio Exe
As well as listening to Radio Exe on 107.3FM, our audience reaches out to us in new ways.
We’re on TuneIn Radio.
We’re online at
And there’s a free app for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones.
Each digital service comes with a complete Radio Exe package, with news, weather, travel, What’s Ons and a great photo gallery.

Our website:
•4,400 approx. unique users a month
•27,000 approx. page views
•Four minutes per visit
•Average button ad is seen circa 4,000 times a month, with a click through rate of 0.25%

The Exe Team

We get to events across the region.
Click here to see photos of events we have been to recently.
The greatest breadth of music

Radio Exe plays a mixture of hits from the 60s right through to today. No single musical decade dominates, nor do we have ‘core’ artists that get played over and over again on other stations.
So if you like the Rolling Stones and the Stone Roses, they’re with us.
So are Elvis Presley and Elvis Costello.
We’ve got Cee-lo Green and Al Green. The Marmalade and The Jam. Oasis and the Waterboys. The Saturdays and Happy Mondays.
And whether you want Simply Red or the White Stripes, Pink or Blue, they’re all on Radio Exe.

More music too...
We play more artists and more tracks than any other station in Devon.
And we play more music too. 
Just take our breakfast show. 
On a typical day, Radio Exe plays 11 or 12 tracks an hour, compared with six or seven on the London-based commercial radio brand.
Plus: we play songs in full, as they’re meant to be heard; not cosmetically altered much shorter edited versions.

Great presenters – they’re with us!
Radio Exe is local, but professional. Our talented line-up of experienced broadcasters is among the best known in Devon. They live in – and love – the area. And they’re on your side when it comes to making radio campaigns work.

Ben Clark presented Gemini Radio’s breakfast show for nine years. Now he’s with us.
Chris Dinnis was with Gemini and Heart for 15 years. Now he’s with us.
Ashley Jeary has made the switch too, to present Radio Exe’s Live & Local, giving local events and bands the airtime they deserve.
Why not make the switch too?
If you’re proud to be a part of Exeter, Mid and East Devon, we’re your natural home.

Our programmes
Radio Exe is live from Exeter throughout daytime.* 

6am Ben Clark’s breakfast
Ben wakes up the region with a mix of music old and new, 
Philippa Davies has the news, sport and weather. 
It’s the perfect mix of great hits and witty, relevant chat – together with more music than any other local station in the area.

10am Classic Years
11pm Chris Dinnis

3pm Music Mararthon
4pm Ashley Jeary Drive

If it’s happening in Exeter, Mid or East Devon, Ashley will get it to air; with up-to-the-minute information and regular live tracks from local bands.

From August to May, we also have weekly programmes about Exeter’s leading sports teams.
Mondays at 8pm - Kellows’ Bootlaces is the Radio Exe programme dedicated to Exeter City Football Club.
Wednesdays at 8pm - The Pow Wow celebrates everything to do with the Exeter Chiefs

Weekend highlights
Totally 80s and 90s
Gary King with two hours of music and star interviews.

Funky Weekend
Dean Brame with old school disco classics.

The Flashback
Dean Brame and Mike Reynolds with classics hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s, plus some songs you may have forgotten.

Our mission
Radio Exe aims is to become the local radio station of choice for adults across Exeter, East and Mid Devon.  
Owning a radio station is an honour and a privilege, so we use our airtime to support community events. We will continue to build strong links with the local community, including charities, schools and businesses. 
We’re committed too to supporting our advertisers so that they get maximum benefit from being on the station. We offer flexible, cost effective packages so local businesses of all sizes can reach our listeners.
We’re also committed to ethical trading and will buy from local suppliers where practicable.  

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