Taste is a well established outside catering company in Exeter and in July of 2012 we expanded by opening a café on a busy industrial estate in the city.  One of our primary concerns was establishing our new cafe within our local market area.  I was approached by Radio Exe and was intrigued with their localized, community approach.

We decided to partner a new feature on Radio Exe and "Thank Taste it’s Friday” was created.  This feature runs every Friday and the Radio Exe team deliver platters of food to someone at their business or workplace who registered at the Radio Exe website.  

We have had a fantastic response from our advertising and many of our customers have found out about us through Radio Exe, and the ones that already knew we were here have also mentioned hearing the commercial, even friends and family are commenting on the advert and people they know are talking about it to them.

The results were instant and we had customers within the first few days of it being on air. This has had a huge impact on our company and I would highly recommend advertising on Radio Exe!

Steve Hinds
Partner – Taste Catering

"We are the children of Wynstream School in Exeter and on Wednesday 19th of June we held a food festival to show case our years learning encouraging our community to grow their own food and buy food from local producers. To advertise our event we recorded a commercial with radio exe which was played on the radio. We were so excited to come to the studios and record our commercial with Ashley Jeary and our advert sounded amazing! It must have worked because our festival was a huge success and hundreds of people came.”
Many thanks,
Sophie Hillson
Senior Leader
Wynstream School in Exeter

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