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Half price peak ticket

Voucher Terms and Conditions

*Do not play if you or your children are ill, only visit 48 hours after sickness/stomach bug

*Participants MUST be 1-7 years only. Older children will need to buy adult tickets

*Two adults max. Second adult will need to pay the normal (non-voucher / discounted) price

*Play areas are only designed for those seven and under - they cannot be used by adults

*Each session is limited to 2hrs and 15 mins and you must clean up once it comes to an end

*iTown cannot accept responsibility for injury caused by inappropriate use of toys and props

*All players must be supervised at all times by an adult over 18 who is responsible for them

*Please remove your shoes before entering the play area.Socks/tights should be worn

*Only take photographs or videos of your children and no one else's

*No running, throwing, or any buggies/prams when on the premises

*You can buy up to a maximum of four vouchers at any one time

*No food or drink is allowed in any of the play area

*Vouchers is only valid until Sunday 31 March 2024

Normal terms and conditions apply

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