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Friday 15th February

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I have a 3.5 acre bit of land with a double stable on it. We are going to make it into a small working farm it I read that I can put a mobile home on the land for up to 5 years and at the end of that period we need to show that this business will totally support us and be viable.  Is this right? The planning department  won't comment.

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I know raves have a bad reputation, but I want to have a music gig for some of my friends on common land on Dartmoor to celebrate my birthday. I can take speakers and a generator. It will be loud, but it’s miles from anywhere and only my friends will know. Can I do this?  

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My employer claims to be committed to the environment, but refuses to put in separate bins so we can recycle plastic, paper and so on. Everything goes into one bin and more than one of us are annoyed about it. Is there anything which says employers have to recycle everyday items, in the same way as they would, presumably, computer equipment?  

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You’ve probably had this question many times, so I’m sorry that I didn’t listen carefully enough. It’s the typical ‘hanging branches’ issue. My neighbour’s trees are overhanging. We get on with them pretty well. They say they’ll get round to it, but never do. I’ve offered to do the trimming myself, but they don’t want that, worried I’ll damage the trees. It’s upsetting me and my wife. What next? Do I write a formal letter? Is there a process?