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Friday 24th My 2019

Legally Speaking with Cartridges Law, every Friday from 1pm

I rent a property from a private landlord, originally through an agency. The agency has closed. They used to come round for a check every four months, writing to me in advance. I came home yesterday and there was a note from the landlord saying he’d been in to do the check. I had no idea he was coming, or had keys. He’s asked for some minor work to be done – door handles fixed and the bannister repainting because of my children’s drawings on it – something the agency had seen before and were fine with. Has the landlord committed and offence by coming in to my home? 

A new manager joined the company I work for about six months ago. Since then, she’s gradually taken over bits of my job around the office. Some days I’m just left sitting there with not much to do. I was so happy before, but now I feel like leaving. If they take my work away like this, have I been constructively dismissed and can I get a pay-off?

Since starting my job in 2010, I’ve had three or four pay rises. Now my company wants to reduce my pay. They say my contract of employment states the legal salary they have to pay me, and that’s still higher than what I’ll be paid because of the rises I’ve had over the year. I think they’re changing my contract and can’t do that. They say I didn’t fuss when they changed the contract by paying more. Who’s right?

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