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Friday 25th January 2019

Legally Speaking, in association with Cartridges Law, is run every Friday on Radio Exe between 1-2pm.

"I tripped over in the street and twisted my ankle - so badly that I had to go to A&E. The pavement hasn’t been well maintained - and is virtually potholed.  I was off work for three days - unpaid. So I’ve lost about £200. How do I go about claiming that from the council?"

"I'm thinking about purchasing a boardgame and re-selling parts of the game as buttons/cufflinks for my clothing business. Some of which include various art that features on the boardgame pieces. Could I get into trouble for doing this?"

"I took my car for an MOT. The garage said the the front and rear wheel bearings were damaged which would cost £200 to repair. I gave the go-ahead, but during the work, they some how sheered a bolt off which adds another £50 to the bill. Surely they should have to pay for the replacement part as they broke it in the first place. Help!"

"I was going to park in a car park in central Exeter that’s privately owned, and has ticket machines. I tried to pay by phone, but that system wasn’t working properly. I didn’t have the right amount of cash, so I went to get some change - but then couldn’t find anywhere. Now I’ve got a parking ticket from a notorious Exeter enforcement firm for £100."

"Last week, you advised me to get pushy with the passport office after a delivery firm failed to get my new passport to me. Unfortunately they’ve got firm with me. I’ve had to drive to Newport and pay £112 for an emergency passport and they say I’ve lost the new one. I’ve had to do this or lose my holiday, but I lost a day’s work, a tank of petrol, £112 and almost my mind in doing this. I haven’t lost my passport. Their delivery firm has."

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