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Friday 8th February

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I had a child young and was never really with his father, because we didn’t live together. I was 18, he was 19. I’ve since married and had another two children. Now my son’s dad wants to see him. My son, who’s now 12, doesn’t know anything about this. As far as he knows, my husband is his dad and the younger children are his brother and sister. What can I do?

I was in an accident that I know was my fault. I pulled out of a road too early and was hit by another car. The damage to the car was low enough for me to fix without claiming on insurance, but I have hurt my neck. I’ve been told not to work this week and next, then my doctor will take another look. Am I eligible for compensation for personal injury?

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I’ve been offered a new job, but they want me to start within a month. I’m on three-months’ notice, although it doesn’t seem to be the case for some of my team-mates. If I don’t start the job quickly, I”ll lose it. What’s the implications of me just walking out and starting the new job? I don’t think they’ll give me my P45 and they’re not happy about me leaving.

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I’ve set up a hairdressing business working from home. I live in a semi-detached house, but we share a driveway with the flats next door. A neighbour’s complained that I’m running a business – which I am, but I only cut people’s hair. What are my rights? Can they stop me working?  

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I live in an old cottage, which is just one of three in a rural area in North Devon. My wife and me have owned if for 15 years. We’ve always had a good relationship with the farmer who owns a lot of the land around us. He wants to buy our house. We’ve said no. But he’s making life unpleasant now. There’s a lot of a nuisance you can make it the countryside with noisy animals and smells. I think it’s unreasonable behaviour, or bullying. What can I do to make him put his cows and cockrells back in th e field they were in before we fell out?