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News Bulletin Schedule:
The Radio Exe news team provides a definitive news service for Exeter and the surrounding area.
Radio Exe News is broadcast hourly during daytime and on the half hour at breakfast and drive peak time.
The main news stories of the day are also featured on this website every day along with the key sports and weather headlines.
Average Automated Programming:
At Radio Exe we pride ourselves on our local programming.
We are committed to as much live programming as is practicable.
Local Programming:
All of our weekday daytime programming is locally produced and presented.
With the exception of a few hours of programming at weekends, such as Totally 80's/90's, all other programming is produced by the station. OFCOM has published guidelines on localness for independent local radio stations. If you would like to read these please click HERE.
Station contact details:
At Radio Exe we are always keen to hear from you.
Please contact the appropriate person below -
Station/Sales - Jonathan Carter:
Promotions Manager - Ashley Jeary:
News -
Or write to us at:
Radio Exe
6a Cranmere Court
Lustleigh Close
Matford Business Park
Events/Charities support or coverage:
We support the aims of local charities and non-profit making organisations through our on and off air activities.
The Station Format:
Formats have replaced the 'Promise of Performance' as one of the main tools by which a radio station's character of service is set and monitored.
Stations are monitored and regulated to a large degree by the spirit of the output rather than using mathematical equations. One of the criticisms of the old 'Promises' was that there were too many percentages involved and, although many formats do still include percentages, regulation will be carried out using programming principles rather than calculators.
Ofcom is a light-touch regulator and the format can be regarded as the signpost for a station direction, leaving sensible flexibility for commercial decisions to be taken. We prefer to regulate with ears rather than slide-rules!
Formats are part of a regulatory regime which allows radio stations to move more freely within the boundaries created at the time of licence award, and to feel comfortable making programme changes within those boundaries. For example, Bank holiday or special event programming changes had, under the 'Promise of Performance', to receive special sanction. Now, as long as the programming is still aimed at the target audience, such programming is seen as a boon to the listener.
Within the formats are some phrases such as "full news programme" and "hits from across the years" which we know can be interpreted in different ways by different people. Our interpretation will be shaped by a variety of matters, including the overall performance of the particular station, contact with station management, technical considerations as well as the wording of the station format.
Formats can be changed by agreement with Ofcom if the changes do not fall foul of the Broadcasting Act 1990.
They are in place to ensure stations fulfil their remit to the listener.
How to complain:
If you are unhappy with anything you hear on Radio Exe, in the first instance, please contact the Station Manager, Radio Exe, 6a Cranmere Court, Lustleigh Close, Matford Business Park, Exeter EX2 8PW.
We will do our utmost to resolve your complaint or dispute in a timely manner.
You may also refer any complaint about the output on Radio Exe to:
Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)
Telecommunications Adjudicator


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