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Street Soccer 4’s, Exeter City Community Trust. 


On Friday 20th October, approximately 100 children across Exeter and the surrounding areas participated in City Community Trusts’ Soccer 4’s event, held at St James Park.


The free event started at 5:30pm and finished at 7:30pm. The activites on offer incuded, foot tennis, four inflatable football pitches, inflatable target shot, free styler challenges, fifa and various indoor games. Through the evening, a live dj was keeping the children entertained with popular dance music and glow in the dark equipment.


Five first team player showed their support on the night including: Liam Mcalinden, Jordan Moore Taylor, Robbie Simpson, Troy Henville and Ryan Brunt. They all participated in different activities with the children.



Funding for Honiton Health and Wellbeing Projects - if you can tame the Dragons!
Honiton Town Council, East Devon District Council, Devon County Council and Action East Devon  have teamed up to raise £4,000 for grants to community groups. Groups will pitch their ideas to the community at a Dragon's Den - type event to be held at the Beehive, Honiton on the afternoon of 30 November.
'It's been a really successful way of getting funding to groups for projects that the community has voted to support' - said Phil Twiss, County Councillor for the Honiton area. " The groups pitch their ideas to a Dragons Den type panel of local people and at the end of the event the local people vote for the projects they think the funding should support."
Groups are invited to apply now, for grants up to £500, no match funding required, for projects that will support the health and wellbeing of residents of Honiton and surrounding parishes.  
Download the application form and guidance notes here:

Women Of The World Festival 2017 (14th and 15th October)

Women Of The World Festival is a week-long festival held in various locations around the world that celebrates the achievements of women and girls - and it's coming to Exeter.

Originating in London in 2010, it's taken place in 20 cities across 5 continents. 

The festival is made up of discussions, music, performance, sport, economics and business. 

Lizz Carr, Emma Dabiri, Grace Savage, Ben Bradshaw and Lucy Siegel are some of the brilliant speakers who will be joining the weekend of the 14th and 15th of October. 

The venues around the city include Exeter Phoenix, Exeter Museum and Exeter Library.

Day passes (£22) and there day weekend passes (£50) that admit visitors to all daytime events are available alongside tickets for individual events. Visit the Wow Women Of The World website to book.


Raise money for the Alphington Scouts

The Campaign for the Hall of Fun & Mischief

You’ll see that the tag line of the Hall is Horrific is no lie from these photos, but imagine how “terrific” if could look and how you’ll feel knowing you helped them achieve the dream.



Whilst the hut looks doom and gloom the Alphington Scouts always strive to make the best of it, every week they meet at the hut for their weekly meeting, during the summer they try and spend as much time as possible outside, this term they’ve been outside doing games, Volley the Spud (Volley ball with balloons filled with water) and had an explosive science night.

The outside space is just immense, but the blot on the landscape is how awful the hut looks, the tarpaulin which is used as a 2nd layer to the roofing flaps about in the wind, the walls are crumbling and the weather boards lost their protection we believe around the time the Ark sailed.

They try not to let the cosmetics of the place get them down but in winter it stinks so bad, and they mean really bad, it’s even worse than the smell of all of everyone after a weekend camp!

They need to raise in excess of 300 Thousand pounds which is way more than their combined pocket money.

The Scouts have been doing fundraising activities, recently they did a paper chase where they gave up their Saturday morning to collect paper that people had saved for them, they get money from recycling.

Can you help them achieve their target by making a donation, every single penny will help.

Here’s how to do that,

With more homes being built in Alphington and the surrounding areas they hope that they will have an uptake in people joining and would like help to make sure that for generations to come, the scouts have a warm, safe shelter where they can learn, make friends, be given support and really thrive.

Radio Exe have agreed to help support the campaign and they thank W.H Squires and Son for sponsoring the radio advert.

Alphington Scouts meet every Thursday 7 till 8.30, open to girls and Boys, age 10 and over. 


Alphington Scouts Hall of fun and mischief campaign sponsored by 


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