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More strikes on railway

South Western Railway announce another series of strikes

They're planing nine of them, running over a month from 23rd October. The first will last five days and will affect services on the Waterloo line out of Exeter St David's.

That's followed by four consecutive Saturdays.

They're protesting about use of guards - and say that the company isn't negotiating seriously.

RMT General Secretary, Mick Cash says: “With shocking new figures from the British Transport Police showing a surge in violence on our railways it is frankly appalling that South Western Railway are looking for a green light to throw the guard off their trains as and when they see fit in the name of profit. SWR might think it’s acceptable to play fast and loose with passenger safety, security and access but RMT members, who have stood firm throughout this dispute despite appalling harassment from the company, will not accept a dilution of the safety regime on the railway.
 “There's a simple solution to ‎this dispute and it means SWR stop playing with words and negotiate the guard guarantee that reflects the safety values of the agreements RMT has negotiated in other parts of the rail industry."

  • 0001 Hours on Tuesday 23rd October 2018 and 2359 Hours on Saturday 27th October 2018
  • 0001 Hours and 2359 Hours on Saturday 3rd November 2018
  • 0001 Hours and 2359 Hours on Saturday 10th November 2018
  • 0001 Hours and 2359 Hours on Saturday 17th November 2018
  • 0001 Hours and 2359 Hours on Saturday 24th November 2018

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