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Exmouth has a British champion

"Watch where you're pinning that competitor number!" (courtesy: Guy Clifford-Harding)

Most of it done without clothes!

Meet 23-year-old Guy Clifford-Harding. He works in a bank in Exeter High Street (think of a black horse) where he wears a shirt and tie. He's smiley, chatty and polite. He goes to the gym a bit in his spare time. And he takes just about all of his clothes off on stage, without going Full Monty, to beat competitors around the world.

Now he's the PCA British champion bodybuilder - bringing the championship statue back to Devon (it's that little thing between his legs in one of the pictures). 

The 5'10" champ weighs 105 kg (16.5 stones) which for most people would scream "obese", but there's not much fat on these bones. And he needs to keep it that way. Next Sunday, 28 October, he hopes to become world champion, when the finals are held in Birmingham. Then it's a trip to Texas in the States for the Atlas Pro championships (think about those ads in the comics about having sand kicked in your face).

If you fancy competing with Guy, he's written this simple menu to follow:

Meal 1 10 egg whites 1 scoop whey protien 4 weetabix

Meal 2 200g chicken 100g rice

Meal 3 200g chicken 100g rice

Meal 4 100g oats 2 scoops whey protien

Meal 5 100g oats 2 scoops whey protien

Meal 6 200g chicken 5 rice cakes

Meal 7 10 egg whites 1 scoop whey protein

You might have to do some exercise too. We're building up to calling him to say he's got one of those belly buttons that sticks outwards (or we may just leave that to our skinny apprentice).

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