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Pop band amilost release new EP

Sigrid Zeiner and Ross Craib from amilost lost their member in our interview

Sidmouth drummer is in Scandi/Brit trio

Scandinavian pop - not something you hear much of down in Devon, but a very welcome addition to the local music scene.

Sigrid Zeiner, Ross Craib - who's from Sidmouth - and Charlie Fowler make up the trio 'amilost', and last month they release their debut EP 'Introspective Souvenirs' after drip-feeding singles for just under a year.

The release has already received major positive feedback, with Track 1 'Good Morning' having gathered over 20,000 streams, along with being playlisted and broadcasted on major radio over 500 times in Norway, the US and the UK - and next week on Radio Exe's podcast Devoncast.

The band says their music is based on how our experiences shape people internally. They explore four themes - anxiety, love, escapism and aspiration.

Essentially, the songs come from very personal places and are extremely emotive but still manage to sound positive and optimistic. The atmosphere the songs create really do envelop you in the moment - the pulsing bass, dreamy vocals, soft piano and smooth drum beats do their job perfectly, eventually sweeping you up in a dramatic string-led crescendo or fading away, leaving your ears missing what they just heard.

Live performances are next on their agenda - although they've started with a slightly out-of-the-ordinary idea. Yesterday they performed the full EP and some surprise covers live on a picturesque Torquay cliffside and live-streamed it out to their fans to massive success - and it's available to watch back here.

In their interview with Radio Exe, Sigrid and Ross talk origins, influences, future plans and methods of songwriting, along with what their music means to them.

You can listen to the full interview from this page, and listen to their EP here.

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