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News bulletins:

Radio Exe provides a definitive news service for Exeter and the surrounding area.

Radio Exe's news is broadcast hourly during daytime and on the half hour at breakfast. We also have an extensive online news service, on the Radio Exe website, on Facebook and Twitter. 

Automated Programming:

At Radio Exe we pride ourselves on our local programming. We are committed to as much live programming as is practicable, and exceed the regulator's minimum requirement for a local station of three hours each weekday by a large amount. In general, we broadcast live for between nine and 13 hours per day. Our automated hours rend to be from 7pm through to 7am.


Local Programming:

All our daytime programming is locally produced and presented. We generally broadcast live from 7am to 7pm weekdays and longer at weekends. All programming is originated in Devon. It is a condition of employment that our presenters live in the county.


Contact details:

At Radio Exe we are always keen to hear from you.

Please contact the appropriate person by emailing, using the format:

Write to us at:

Radio Exe, 1 Oak Tree Place, Matford Business Park, Exeter, EX2 8WA


How to Complain:

If you are unhappy with anything you hear on Radio Exe, in the first instance, please contact:

Station Manager, Radio Exe, 1 Oak Tree Place, Matford Business Park, Exeter, EX2 8WA.

We will do our utmost to resolve your complaint or dispute in a timely manner.

We always take complaints seriously. The station manager always listens to the offending output and we always respond. It is the nature of live broadcasting that we sometimes get things wrong. When we do, we apologise. We take further action depending on the seriousness of the content. But sometimes we don't agree with the complainant, even after reviewing the situation. In that eventuality, listeners can then choose to raise the issue to the independent chairman of Radio Exe who oversees the station's management but is not involved on a day-to-day basis. Or the complaint could be taken up with Ofcom, using this link:

Complaints about commercials should be made to the Advertising Standards Authority. Radio Exe tries to ensure all commercials conform to the British Code of Advertising Practice. We subscribe to the Radio Advertising Copy Clearance service when preparing commercials that could be contentious.

You may also refer any complaint about the output on Radio Exe to:


Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

Telecommunications Adjudicator


Station format:

Formats are one of the main tools by which a radio station's character of service is set and monitored by the regulator, generally by the spirit of the output rather than mathematical equations.

Radio Exe commits to providing a full local service dedicated to listeners in Exeter and the surrounding area, combining a wide variety of classic and contemporary music together with a high-quality distinctive range of speech and information features focused on matters of local interest and relevance.

The station aims to exceed the minimum commitments that Ofcom dictates. So we generally broadcast much more than the required hours of local programming we must produce. We give more airtime to local news stories in our measured coverage area than all other stations in the same area.

Events and charities policy:

Radio Exe is committed to providing coverage for local charities. We do this through on-air "what's ons", by attending events, and on our website. We have covered events for Devon Air Ambulance Trust, Dream-a-Way, Families for Children, Nello's Longest Table, Age UK Exeter, WESC, Exeter Leukaemia Fund, among others.

Local ownership:

Radio Exe (company registration 05452303) is one of just a handful of commercial radio stations that is locally owned and managed. The parent company is Exe Broadcasting Limited (registration: 07680527), both of which are based at 1 Oak Tree Place, Manaton Close, Exeter, EX2 8WA.