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Ghost the Musical at the Exeter Northcott Review

Exeter University Footlights presents
January 2020

Reviewed by Jamie Taylor

Exeter's student run musical theatre society returns with an impressive first offering for 2020. With an all-singing, all-dancing version of the 90s romance thriller 'Ghost'. It tells the story of lovers Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen, who flee the nest to a house of their own. One night, they're attacked by a ruffian and Sam is killed in cold blood. Now a ghost, he's unable to communicate with Molly about the great danger she faces. Sam turns to a fake medium who gets tangled up and forced into finding out the truth behind his death.

Each year the university Footlights aims for two high-level shows. Thirty aspiring actors bringing Ghost up-to-. The stage is unusually bare and the band prominent for all to see. There's no smoke or mirrors in this production as the simplistic staging displays much happening at once, which is slightly distracting at times – especially during the more heart-wrenching scenes.

Harry Lynn (Sam) and Lucy Harris (Molly) both give an emotional and moving portrayal of Sam and Molly. Lucy's voice shows within 'With You' which is a highlight of the show where you'll need tissues to hand. Spiritualist Oda Mae Brown is brought to life by the fantastic Chad St Louis, who definitely has a set of pipes on him! His singing is effortless. A natural on the stage and real talent as he struts his stuff in six-inch heels.

The show features the well-known Unchained Melody (made famous by the Righteous Brothers) along with a variety of well-written, upbeat numbers and ballads that are used appropriately and aren't overplayed.

First-night technical didn't seem to faze the performers, as they kept the show moving. However, a few lines were lost here and there. Just have a word with the sound man to tell the band to keep it down and it will soon be sorted. This is a funny, moving and extremely powerful show, and once the story moves on in the second half, this large cast flourishes.

Ghost the Musical runs until Saturday 26th January.


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