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Devon boy scaling Everest on his stairs

Does running down count? (courtesy: Josh White/Justgiving)

Just 3,400 ascents to do

If you've ever got cross at a child for thundering up and down the stairs, think of what it must be like in the White household.

Eleven-year-old Josh is climbing the stairs 3,400 times - the equivalent of 8,848 metres, more or less, which is the height of Mount Everest.

He set off a few days ago, with the intention of raising £100 for Dartmoor Zoo, which is closed during lockdown, yet still costs around £45,000 a month to run, even with running costs cut during the crisis.

It's not clear whether running down the stairs counts as part of the stair climb - or whether he will have to do a further 3,400 trips to get down again.

Josh has a JustGiving page called 'Everest Stair Climb for Dartmoor Zoo'. You can donate here:

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