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Harry's a footballing donkey

Back of the net! (courtesy: Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth)

Back of the netting!

Sidmouth's Donkey Sanctuary knows a PR opportunity when they see one.

They have an ass called Harry, a 16-year-old domesticated donkey who enjoys playing with footballs every day. 
The Sidmouth charity says: "Investigating footballs is just part of the typical donkey enrichment activities the sanctuary’s resident herd take part in, helping keep them happy and engaged.
Donkeys also like playing with wellington boots as well as investigating strings of carrots tied up in their yard or working out how to retrieve a tasty reward from treat balls."

It is a training suggestion that some Premiership clubs may wish to emulate.

We can no longer say that of the England team, of course, whatever happens on Sunday - or whatever we may have intimated following the soulless draw against Scotland when some fans were saying England were a bunch of no-hopers who couldn't provide an entertaining game with a hope of winning.

Good luck to the Three Lions on Sunday. They're not led by donkeys.

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