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New figures reveal caravan crashes in Devon & Cornwall

Many happened on the M5, A38 and A30

The figures show that 21 of the 52 collisions took place on ‘unclassified’ roads in the region, while nearly half of the incidents took place between May and August.

However, the data only records incidents in which there has either been an offence committed, allegations of an offence have been made, other emergency services were called to the scene of the collision, or it was a single vehicle collision where it had lost control.

Of the collisions, a further four took place on the A30, three of the M5, four on the A39, while six happened on the A38.

June 2016 was the month that saw the highest number of collisions, five, while there were four in May 2016 and May 2018.

The table below shows collisions involving caravans from August 2015 to July 2018, including the collision road. The involvement in the collision does not indicate fault on behalf of the caravan owner


Month / Year Road
Aug-2015 A379
Sep-2015 A39
Nov-2015 Unclassified
Mar-2016 A38
May-2016 A386
May-2016 Unclassified
May-2016 A390
May-2016 A38
Jun-2016 A39
Jun-2016 A377
Jun-2016 Unclassified
Jun-2016 A30
Jun-2016 A30
Jul-2016 Unclassified
Aug-2016 Unclassified
Aug-2016 A30
Aug-2016 Unclassified
Sep-2016 A70
Oct-2016 B3181
Oct-2016 A38
Oct-2016 Unclassified
Nov-2016 M5
Nov-2016 Unclassified
Dec-2016 Unclassified
Mar-2017 Unclassified
Mar-2017 A38
Apr-2017 A39
Apr-2017 Unclassified
May-2017 Unclassified
Jun-2017 A380
Jun-2017 Unclassified
Jun-2017 A3071
Aug-2017 A361
Aug-2017 Unclassified
Aug-2017 Unclassified
Sep-2017 A30
Oct-2017 A386
Nov-2017 A39
Nov-2017 B3269
Nov-2017 B3196
Jan-2018 A30
Mar-2018 Unclassified
Mar-2018 Unclassified
Mar-2018 M5
Apr-2018 Unclassified
Apr-2018 Unclassified
May-2018 A38
May-2018 Unclassified
May-2018 M5
May-2018 A38
Jun-2018 Unclassified
Jun-2018 M5
Total 52 Collisions


Please note, that from 1st January 2008 –

Damage only Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs) will not be recorded unless there is a clear and specified purpose for doing so, specifically:

  • Section 170 RTA 1988 not complied with (fail to stop)
  • Police vehicle involved
  • Other emergency services vehicle responding to an incident are involved
  • The collision is one that provides a realistic prospect of securing a conviction against one of the drivers (Threshold Test aspect of the Full Code Test for Crown Prosecutors’)
  • Single vehicle loss of control

Also note that from March 2010 –

Non-injury road traffic collisions will not be recorded or investigated unless one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • A driver has failed to comply fully with the statutory requirements of the Road Traffic Act, e.g. fail to stop; exchange details
  • Allegations have been made at the scene and/or the attending officer considers that there is sufficient corroborated evidence about the manner of driving to prove an offence.
  • An offence is apparent – i.e. the driver has been arrested for excess alcohol”

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