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Petition launched for dog change on Exmouth beach

700 people sign petition to change current restrictions

Exmouth resident Annie Chung has launched a petition calling for a change in dog restrictions on Exmouth beach. 

More than 700 people have signed the petition, launched on Wednesday (19th May), which will be sent to East Devon District Council for review. 

Annie says: "I would like to propose several new options to the council that I, and others, feel would make great use of the beach all year round and would appeal to dog owners and those that are against the restrictions being changed. 

"As proposed by several Cornish councils, many of their beaches only have restrictions during the months of July and August when school holidays are on, they are allowed to use the beach to walk their dogs before 10am and after 6pm during this time, the remainder of the year there are no restrictions. I would like to propose that we, here in Exmouth, follow suit and follow the before 10am and after 6pm timings.

"My next proposal is that they extend the area along the beach that has no dog restrictions from May 1st through to 30th September. Although we do have the use of an area at Orcombe point and the Octagon, there is only a reasonable amount of beach when the tide is fully out and we can’t all work our walks around the tides.

"Exmouth and the surrounding areas have a huge doggy community with many households owning one or more dogs. The beach lies empty for many months while we all have to find other suitable open spaces for us to exercise them on. Not everyone has a car so they are unable to go further afield to walk their dogs."

View the petition here.

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