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Possible redundancies at Exeter-based charity

The Exeter-based St Loyes Foundation, helping people with disabilities, is in talks with staff over possible redundancies. But it's not yet known whether the jobs could be lost locally, or at its other premises in Cardiff and Warrington.

The re-tendering of a contract for St Loyes to provide specialist employability support services has led to the new contract being of a lower value. The charity says it'll now provide 16 roles, 10 of which will be based in Exeter.

35 staff have been told that some posts are at risk, but work is underway to minimise the impact of this, as there will probably be some redeployment opportunities. For this reason the charity can't say yet where the jobs could be lost.

St Loyes employs a total of 115 people and says none of its other contracts or projects are affected.

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