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West Devon's council candidates

Wednesday, 12 April 2023 06:00

By local democracy reporter, Philip Churm

Ballot box (Image: DRS)

Voters go to the polls on 4 May

Voters in West Devon will have the opportunity to choose a completely new council next month with all 31 seats being contested.

Conservatives have been in power on West Devon Borough Council since 2021 and no other party has had overall control since the Liberal Democrats were ousted in 1999.

The Tories currently hold 17 seats on the council, with the West Devon Alliance having 12.  There are two non-aligned Independents and no representation from Liberal Democrats, Labour or Greens. 

Although Labour only has two candidates, the party is hoping to gain in Bere Ferrers where 21-year-old Isabel Saxby stood as a Labour candidate in a by-election in November 2021; losing by just one vote to Conservative, Alison Blackman.

It has been more than two decades since a Labour councillor was elected in West Devon. 

The Conservatives have a total of 29 candidates and are standing in every ward apart from Dartmoor.

The Greens are fielding 14 candidates, Liberal Democrats have eight along with Independents, Labour have two; as does Reform UK.

The Lib Dems will be hoping to win seats on the council with pledges on housing, environment and planning.  The Greens also have policies on housing and the environment with an emphasis on tackling climate change and increasing the use of renewable energy sources. 

The candidates standing in the election on Thursday 4 May are as follows. The number in the right-hand column indicates how many councillors will be elected in that ward. 

Bere Ferrers Ward    2
BLACKMAN    Conservative Party Candidate
CROZIER    Conservative Party Candidate
Peter Edward    
REED    Liberal Democrats
Graham Richard    
SAXBY    Labour Party
Isabel Angela    
Bridestowe Ward    2
JEFFERY    Green Party
Patrick John    
MOTT    The Conservative and Unionist Party Candidate
Caroline Marie    
SOUTHCOTT    The Conservative and Unionist Party Candidate
Buckland Monochorum Ward    2
CHEADLE    Independent
CUNNINGHAM    Independent
Alastair Clark    
SANDERS    Conservative Party Candidate
Philip Richard    
WEST    Liberal Democrats
Ashley-Ross Christopher
Burrator Ward    2
DAVIES    Conservative Party Candidate
JAMESON    Green Party
MOYSE    The Conservative Party Candidate
Diana Elizabeth    
NORTH    Green Party
WEST    Liberal Democrats
Christopher Paul    
Chagford Ward    1
ELLIOTT    Green Party
HEYWORTH    The Conservative Party Candidate
Dartmoor Ward    1
GREENBERRY-PULLEN    Liberal Democrats
RENDERS    Independent
Mark Christian    
Drewsteignton Ward    1
GUTHRIE    Green Party
Steven William    
RIDGERS    The Conservative Party Candidate
Paul James    
Exbourne Ward    2
CASBOLT    Conservative Party Candidate
MACIEJOWSKA    Green Party
Judy Sara Marguerita
MARTIN    Liberal Democrats
WATTS    Conservative Party Candidate
Louise Sacha    
Hatherleigh Ward    2
KIMBER    Conservative Party Candidate
Patrick John Derek    
PRATT    The Green Party
Andrew Robert    
WAKEHAM    Conservative Party Candidate
Samantha Jane    
Mary Tavy Ward    1
BROWN    Liberal Democrats
Andrew Gordon Lynn
GILPIN    Conservative Party Candidate
Jonathan Stanley    
HERBERT    Independent
OXBOROUGH    Independent
Robert John    
Milton Ford Ward    1
JORY    Conservative Party Candidate
Okehampton North Ward    3
BALL    Conservative Party Candidate
DEXTER    Liberal Democrats
George Herbert    
EASTMENT    Conservative Party Candidate
Peter Cecil    
LEECH    Independent
MORRIS    Labour Party
Finley Lewis Reece    
SAMUEL    Conservative Party Candidate
Lois Esther    
SANGER    Independent
Deborah Judith    
TRIER    Green Party
Colin James    
Okehampton South Ward    2
CALDER    Green Party
Malcolm William    
KEMP    Conservative Party Candidate
Clare Mary Gerardine
VACHON    Independent
Paul Richard    
YELLAND    Conservative Party Candidate
Julie Veronica    
South Tawton Ward    1
DANIEL    Green Party
Lynn Christine    
POWELL    The Conservative Party Candidate
Simon John    
Tamarside Ward    1
EDMONDS    Conservative Party Candidate
FAITH    Green Party
Matthew Paul    
GROSE    Reform UK
Tavistock North Ward    3
FIFE COOK    Independent
Michael Arthur    
GRAY    Conservative Party Candidate
John Nicholas    
HUGHES    Conservative Party Candidate
Judy Ann    
MOODY    Independent
SQUIRE    Liberal Democrats
TREW    Reform UK
Brian Anthony Arden
TURNBULL    Conservative Party Candidate
David Edward    
WHEELER    Green Party
Terry Vincent    
Tavistock South East Ward    2
BRIDGEWATER    Independent
Adam Duncan    
HOOKWAY    The Green Party
Amy St. Clair    
PHILLIPS    The Conservative Party Candidate
Richard Ivor John    
SELLIS    The Conservative and Unionist Party Candidate
Tavistock South West Ward    2
EWINGS    Independent
Mandy Victoria Louise
GYNN-MARTIN    Conservative Party Candidate
JOHNSON    Independent
NELSON    Conservative Party Candidates

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