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Carer of the year

Carer of the year: Kirstie Hoiler

Sponsored by Iron Mill College

Nominated by Niki Warner

Niki has a rare condition that means she can become unconscious quickly unless she gets swift medical help. That help has been provided by agency carer Kirstie Hoiler with a smile and a laugh that’s made Niki “feel human” even in the most challenging circumstances and that made an unbearable situation bearable. Niki says: “Kirstie thinks this is what all carers do, but she’s wrong. Her warmth, humanity and natural levels of empathy are exceptional and she really is an unsung hero, just getting on with things.”

Caring is a busy job. Kirstie sees up to 50 people some weeks and is also a healthcare assistant at Hospiscare, as well as finding time to enjoy with her husband and two young children. Of her work she says: “It’s a pleasure and I really love what I do, as well as meeting some amazing people every day.”

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