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Exeter's 'Progressives' are now main opposition

Friday, May 6th, 2022 2:36pm

By Ollie Heptinstall, local democracy reporter

Good night for Greens

Labour is still firmly in charge of Exeter City Council, but election night in the city did generate a few surprises.

The ruling group won a seat in the Conservative stronghold of Topsham, with the Green Party gaining three new seats from Labour – two in Heavitree and one in St David’s.

A third of the seats on the 39-seat council were up for election on Thursday, plus an extra four due to vacancies.

After the last election in 2021, Labour held 28, Conservatives were on six and the Liberal Democrats and Greens had two each, with one independent.

Now Labour holds 26 seats – a reduction of two on its tally from 2021 – while the Conservatives and Greens now have five, the Liberal Democrats have two, and independents have one.

It means the self-proclaimed Progressive Group – made up of the Greens, Liberal Democrats and one independent – become the main opposition ahead of the Tories.



Andrew Bell (GRE): 265
Bob Foale (LAB): 1,190 – HOLD
John Harvey (CON): 727
Rod Ruffle (LD): 197


Christine Campion (LD): 143
Caryl Rowlinson (GRE): 183
Cynthia Thompson (CON): 887
Duncan Wood (LAB): 1,287 – HOLD


Naima Allcock (LAB): 1,246 – HOLD
Jack Barwell (CON): 445
Michael Payne (LD): 116
Lizzie Woodman (GRE): 209


Edward Barradell (CON): 328
Jakir Hussain (LAB): 919
Tess Read (GRE): 1,251 – GAIN FROM LAB
Andrew Soper (LD): 114


Aric Gilinsky (CON): 269
Lily James (LD): 104
Andy Ketchin (GRE): 1,159
Matthew Vizard (LAB): 1,323 – HOLD


Ashley Carr (CON): 311
Adrian Fullam (LD): 1,005
Paul Mouland (IND): 111
Chris Stone (For Brit): 25
Prina Sumaria (GRE): 231
Laura Wright (LAB): 1,049 – HOLD


Jane Begley (LAB): 881
Peter Holland (CON): 1,191 – HOLD
Barbara Keen (GRE): 326


Eric Bransden (For Brit): 35
Joshua Ellis-Jones (LAB): 1,413 – GAIN FROM CON
Jonathan Mills (GRE): 384
Keith Sparkes (CON): 1,154

EXWICK (two seats)

Henry Clement-Jones (CON): 422
Joanne Giencke (LD): 174
Paul Knott (LAB): 1,356 – HOLD
Kayleigh Luscombe (CON): 402
Frankie Rufolo (For Brit): 192
Mark Shorto (GRE): 339
Maya Skelton (LD): 109
Alex Stephan (GRE): 208
Rachel Sutton (LAB): 1,208 – HOLD

PENNSYLVANIA (two seats)

Will Aczel (LD): 360
Samuel Brooks (CON): 535
Jack Eade (GRE): 621
David Moore (CON): 530
Josie Parkhouse (LAB): 1,400 – HOLD
Martyn Snow (LAB): 1,310 – HOLD
Jack Vickers (GRE): 620
Nigel Williams (LD): 288

PRIORY (two seats)

Marina Asvachin (LAB): 1,212 – HOLD
David Barker-Hahlo (GRE): 317
Ben Hawkes (CON): 701
Michael Kerr (GRE): 258
Alison Sheridan (CON): 706
Philip Thomas (LD): 225
Tony Wardle (LAB): 1,084 – HOLD

HEAVITREE (two seats)

Carol Bennett (GRE): 1,418 – GAIN FROM LAB
Philip Brock (LD): 156
Alfie Carlisle (CON): 419
Julian Gallie (CON): 383
Kris Mears (LD): 98
Susannah Patrick (LAB): 1,211
Catherine Rees (GRE): 1,436 – GAIN FROM LAB
Greg Sheldon (LAB): 1,068

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