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Billionaire Boy review

Birmingham stage Company

At Theatre Royal Plymouth 

April 26th 2022

By Lauren Armstrong 

Billionaire Boy written by David Williams’ follows the story of a wealthy father and son duo.

The story follows their luxurious lifestyle and spending habits, which are very much encouraged!

Joe spud has everything he could need and more. Money is no object in the Spud household. After all, his father’s company “Bum fresh” has revolutionised the loo roll industry. What could possibly be missing?

When young Joe begins to feel lonely and out of place at his privately paid for school, he decides to make the terrifying transition to a local comprehensive school in search of a normal life and friendships.

Joe may feel a new start is warranted, however he desperately craves a closer relationship with his father, although his father overcompensates with money and lavish presents instead of quality time.     

Joe starts at his new secondary school and meets his best friend, Bob. However, keeping his billionaire status a secret proves rather difficult. Joe reveals his honest intentions when he pays the school bullies to not intimidate Bob. However, as his quest for friendship and normality continues, he’s faced with a number of challenges that he must overcome.

After upsetting Bob, we follow the twists and turns that Joe must endure to prove his truth to Bob, in order to save their friendship. We also follow Joe as he struggles to fit in. 

I found the scenery to be creative and interesting. The full potential of the stage was explored in the second half of the play. The unfolding toilet roll tower revealed large extra compartments that offered more detail. 

A helicopter taking centre stage for a scene was a highlight of the play. The cast broke the 4th wall by engaging with the audience. The interactions between the children of the audience and the cast were a lovely edition to the play and allowed the children to feel a part of the production.

The whole production was packed with witty come backs, catchy songs, and totally terrific characters! All in all, the production was triumphant and a firm family favourite, with a feel-good ending. 

Billionaire Boy now moves onto Shrewsbury, Crawley, Sunderland, Tunbridge Wells, Wolverhampton, Bristol, Liverpool, Canterbury, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, York, Bradford, Edinburgh, Guildford and Aberdeen.


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