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Dartmoor beauty spot damaged

VIDEO: Patrols at Bellever to end camping

Marshalls will be patroling Bellever in Dartmoor National Park from today (7th August) to put a stop to people camping. The National Park Authority says the land is becoming overpopulated and showing signs of damage with people's litter, used fire pits and even human waste. 

Since lockdown restrictions have eased Dartmoor has experienced an increase in campers, many in breach of National Park byelaws. National Park Marshals, supported by Devon and Cornwall's Police and Crime Commissioner, hope this will help to bring the numbers down.

The land which is situated next to Bellever forest, which is owned by the Forestry Commission, has always allowed campers. But now because of peoples neglect, Dartmoor National Park is taking action prosecuting anyone who fancies spending a night there. Enforcements will last for 27 days and give the site time to recover.

Head ranger Rob Steemson says "if people refuse to take our guidance and instruction and we continue to find people down here we will take action. There is no point having a prohibition order without having the teeth to use it. We're going to be supported by the local police force and if we see people here and if they haven't taken warning, we'll take action."

Hear more about more of the impacts in the short video above.


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