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Exeter begins to bloom

Wildflowers planted in public spaces

Exeter is looking more colourful, as wild flowers begin to bloom across the city.

Seeds were sown earlier this year as part of a project called Wild City.

Exeter City Council works closely with Devon Wildlife Trust to encourage nature into its boundaries.  Across roadside verges, roundabouts and other pieces of land looked after by the council, seeds planted by community groups and schools as well as council workers, have become flowers.

Louise Harvey, Exeter City Council’s service manager for public and green spaces, said: “At the end of each year, people will have seen wildflower beds left to naturally form seed to fall onto the land and thus starting to create a wildflower seed bank to start the process again the following year.

“This takes time to become self-generating and most years we need to add to the seed bank to keep it thriving. We use a mixture of annuals, perennials and native species of seed.”

Stephen Hussey of Devon Wildlife Trust, said: “This is good for people and for wildlife. The flowers provide nectar sources for the city’s insect populations. Moths, butterflies and beetles all use these wild flower patches. Together they also help to link other green spaces across the city such as the Valley Parks, gardens and allotments. This helping to give nature a home in Exeter.”

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