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Many Exeter bomb residents still can't return

VIDEO: Another month before accommodation fixed

Many Exeter University students and other nearby residents evacuated before the detonation of a Second World War bomb more than a week ago are still unable to return to their accommodation.

Almost 1,500 students were told to leave their rooms after the device was found by builders near the Streatham campus on Friday 26 February and many were able to only take scant possessions.

Whilst they have been allowed back briefly, damage to property around the site of the bomb site off Cowley Bridge Road means many students will be moved into temporary accommodation next week and will stay there until at least April.

The controlled explosion could be heard across much of Exeter and beyond and has left a crater the size of several double decker buses.

University historian Dr. Todd Gray says if one bomb caused so much disruption, imagine how it would have felt in the Exeter Blitz of 1942 when 7,000 Nazi devices landed in the city.

This film report is from BBC Spotlight

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