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Newton Abbot MP calls for prime minister to quit

Who wants who out? (photo: courtesy Anne-Marie Morris constituency website)

Anne-Marie Morris has written formal letter

Newton Abbot MP Anne-Marie Morris has called for the prime minister Theresa May to resign. Anne-Marie Morris has confirmed she has written to the chairman of the committee that represents Conservative backbenchers to try to trigger a leadership election - and believes that he now has the 48 letters required for it to happen.

Mrs Morris is a committed Brexiteer - as was Teignbridge at the referendum, when 54 per cent of voters wanted to leave; more than the national average. She told the BBC's Newsnight on Wednesday that Mrs May isn't the prime minister to take the UK through Brexit. “In the same way that Churchill was great for war but not for peace, this is not Theresa May’s time," she said. "For the sake of the country and the party, I’m afraid I believe we need someone who can lead this Brexit action because if we don’t get it right, I don’t believe we will get another opportunity."

However, Mrs Morris says she doesn’t believe that replacing Theresa May will lead to a general election and Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister. She implied that although she has no confidence in Mrs May, she will support her if the Labour Party asks the House of Commons if it has confidence in her.

She told the BBC the Tories would defeat any no confidence motion: “because Theresa has the majority against her, and that [a defeat in the House] is not going to happen because all Conservatives will support her, all the DUP, I believe will support her, and there will be others.”

On Twitter, Mrs Morris says: "If the leaked information on the proposed Brexit deal is accurate, I cannot support it. A NI solution which divides the UK and a non-regression clause to ensure the UK cannot out compete the EU are completely unacceptable. The PM is not delivering the Brexit people voted for."

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