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Don’t panic, it’s just a test!


Friday, 21 April 2023 - 21 minutes

This week, we’re preparing for a national emergency alert test, and two weeks before the local elections. It’s a busy old time!

Philip went out onto the streets of Plymouth and asked its residents what they feel the elected council should prioritise over the next four years. This year’s elections in the Ocean City will take place against the backdrop of the highly controversial tree felling on Armada Way.

Ollie takes us through the latest developments of the Dawlish seawall which, despite millions of pounds’ worth of repairs, might need more reinforcement.

Devon County Council continues to come under fire – with a damning report on its governance due to come before them – while Conservative MP Anthony Mangnall and Lib Dem counterpart Richard Foord do not see eye to eye on wild camping rights. Rob guides us through those developments.

And lastly, the government is set to undertake an emergency alert test. Everyone’s phones will light up with a startling warning at three o’clock on Sunday, but don’t panic. It’s just a test!

Judy Edworthy, professor of applied psychology at the University of Plymouth and an expert on alarms, kindly gives us some of her time to discuss it.

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