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Devon car selling scam on the rise

Image: Pixabay

Police urge caution

Recent reports across Devon have highlighted scams related to cars advertised for sale.

To safeguard against such scams, residents are advised to exercise caution when selling vehicles.

One reported scam involves two to three males visiting to view a car listed for sale, where one distracts the owner while another interferes with the vehicle to make it smoke or malfunction. Subsequently, they negotiate a discounted price with the owner.

To prevent falling victim to such scams:

*Be vigilant when potential buyers come to view your vehicle.
*Consider having a friend present during the viewing.
*Avoid leaving the buyers alone with the vehicle to prevent tampering.
*If any issues arise during the viewing or test drive, seek an evaluation from your trusted mechanic before negotiating the price.
*Do not agree to any deal that does not meet your satisfaction.

If you have any information related to these incidents, please contact the police by calling 101 and quoting reference number 829 dated June 5th.

Additionally, all incidents must be reported to Action Fraud either by calling 0300 123 2040 or click here.

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