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Win £1,000 at Breakfast

🔒 Unlock The Vault for your chance to win a grand, thanks to Exeter Chiefs🔒

It's simple - call Matt Rogers just after 8:30 am on 0330 3800 390, answer three questions and enter your code into The Vault!

Question 1: is for Radio Exe Merch (including a Radio Exe air freshener & car sticker) Question 2: is for a Dustbin Lid pizza at On The Waterfront in Exeter Question 3: is for your chance to open The Vault - pick your code and the cash could be yours!

The code consists of ...

*The names are from the Top 100 baby names of 2023, compiled by*



Wrong guesses so far:

Abigail 4, Amelia 9, Luna 7, Zoe 7, Harper 5, Rose 8, Luna 9, Ruby 3, Poppy 5, Penelope 4, Poppy 6, Isla 9, Penelope 5, Princess 5, Isla 5, Millie 3, Ada 4, Olivia 7, Rose 4, Charlotte 8, Isla 3, Summer 6, Aria 4, Ella 1


Competition terms and conditions apply:

*You must be 18 or over to enter this competition and live in Devon or Cornwall to play
*You will have 10 seconds to answer each question
*Telephone calls will be charged at standard network rates
*Prizes will be fulfilled within 30 days of winning the competition
*The correct code was set on 19 Jan 2024 & will remain secure at Radio Exe’s registered office

Full competition terms and conditions apply

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