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Brixham python missing

Missing python from Brixham (courtesy:

Check your loo for seven-foot reptile!

For more than a week now, a snake's been on the loose in Torbay, and no one knows where it could be.

The national pet register website, which usefully splits its lost snakes section into specific species such as pythons, says the roaming reptile was last seen in Brixham on 25 June. She's a citron tiger reticulated python, pictured, in case you need to be more specific if one pops up through your loo. 

Reticulated pythons are the world's longest snakes and excellent swimmers - so check your pool too. The missing Brixham python is about seven-feet long.

As a constrictor, more happy strangling her prey, the three-year old female isn't thought to be poisonous. The person who's misplaced their python hasn't been named, and we can't be more location-specific. Pythons are dreadfully poor movers, not really getting above one mile an hour, but she's been missing for 240 hours. Work that one out. 

If you spot the snake, the details are at: but 101 is the non-emergency police number that may be able to help.


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